A man decides to throw a party and gets a load of friends to invite their friends too. On the invitation he puts the theme of the evening "Dress up as a human emotion."

The night of the party arrives and the first guest walks through the door covered in green paint with the letters N and V written on his chest. " Great outfit," says our host." What emotion have you come as?" "I'm green with envy." responds the man at the the door.

A couple of minutes later the bell rings again and our host opens the door to find a woman in a pink body stocking with a feather boa wrapped round her intimate parts. "Wow! Great outfit," gushes the host." What emotion have you come as?" " I'm tickled pink" responds the woman.

Seconds later the door bell rings again and the guy opens it up to find two Jamaicans on the doorstep, stark naked, one with his manhood in a bowl of custard and the other with his dick in a pear. Our shocked host exclaims " What are you doing you'll get us all arrested. What emotion is that supposed to be?" The first fellow says " I'm Fuckin' discustad and my friend has come in dis-pear."