Little Johnnie is in class. The teacher knows that he his a dirty minded little boy.
She asks the class for a four letter word beginning with C.

"Me Miss," says Little Johnnie.

The teacher avoids him and asks little Sarah.

"Comb," says Sarah.

Now I want a four letter word beginning with F said the teacher.

Again wee Johnnie says, "Me Miss".

The teacher again avoids him and asks Little Tommy.

"Flag," said Tommy.

"Well done said the Teacher, "now I want a five letter word beginning with G."
Thinking it safe she asked Little Johnnie for his word.

"Gnome Miss," said Little Johnnie.

"Very good," said the teacher, "now, can you tell the class what a gnome is?"

"He's the little cunt that's fucks the fairies at the bottom of the garden!"