Old guys

Two old guys suffering from Alzheimer's are sitting on a bench when an ice cream van comes down the street.

"Do you want one?" asks the first guy.

"Yes, I'll have a cone, but write it down or otherwise you'll forget" says the second.

"No, I won't" says the first.

"Look, I want a cone with a flake, and I know you'll forget, so write it down" says the second.

"I won't forget" says the first guy, getting slightly irritated.

"OK then, look - I want a cone, a flake and strawberry sauce. Now write it down or you WILL forget" says the second.

The first guy is getting quite miffed now and still argues that he won't forget.

The second guy says irritably "I want a cone, a flake, strawberry sauce and hundreds and thousands sprinkled all over. You won't remember all that so WRITE IT DOWN!"

The first guy, now really annoyed, walks off and five minutes later comes back with a meat pie.

The second guy looks at him and says "Where are my fucking chips?"

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