There was a young boy who lived around 30 miles from London and decided he wanted to take a trip into the city by himself. So, when he had saved enough money, he obtained his mother's permission to go. The day he left she packed him a lunch and off he rode on his bicycle. He had been pedaling for about 30 minutes when a man in a Mercedes drove alongside him.

Man: "Where you going?"

Boy: "I'm going to London."

Man: "That's a long way to go. Do you want a ride?"

Boy: "Yes, but what about my bike."

Man: "Oh, hmm... I know, I have a tow rope in my trunk. I'll tie one end to your handle bars and the other to my bumper. If I go too fast, just ring the bell on your bike and I'll slow down."

Boy: "Great. Let's go."

So off they went. The driver finally levels off at about 40 mph and everyone's happy. A few minutes later another man in a BMW pulls alongside the Mercedes. He revs the engine, pulls ahead, drops back, pulls ahead again and starts taunting the man in the Mercedes about how his high preformance 'Merc' only can do 40! Before you know it, both cars are gone in a cloud of dust. About 5 miles down the road they pass a speed trap.

Policeman radioing ahead to his colleague: "George, you're not going to believe this. A Mercedes and a BMW just passed me doing 170 mph. They're heading your way, so be ready. And you want to hear the amazing part of it ... there's a young lad on a bicycle, ringing his bell for all its worth, trying to pass them."

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