A group of sociologists decide to conduct an experiment in isolation by sending an Englishman, an Italian and a Japanese guy off to a desert island. So, they drop the guys off and wave goodbye saying they will return in a year to check on their progress.

Once the sociologists have left, the Englishman decides that it's up to him to take charge. 'I used to be a builder so I'll take care of making us a shelter.' he says and everyone nods in agreement. 'You folks are supposed to be gourmet chefs so I guess you'd better sort out the food.' he says turning to the Italian. 'And I guess that leaves our Japanese friend here to organise the supplies.'. Everyone agrees and sets to work on their chores.

A year passes and the sociologists return to the island expecting to find a sorry group eager to return home. But when they arrive, they see a glorious mansion made of wood with balconies and a swimming pool. The Englishman comes to greet them and sees their surprised looks. 'Well, this place had an abundance of raw materials so I just went to town.'

The Englishman leads them into the kitchen where the Italian has prepared a sumptuous meal. Sensing the sociologists' surprise he explains 'This island is covered with beautiful herbs and there's plenty of deer and rabbits around so ...'

When they enquire about the Japanese guy, they both look at each other sadly 'We haven't seen him since he set out into the woods when we arrived.'

They all agree that they should go and look for him and so they organise a search party. They only get about one hundred yards into the woods when the Japanese guy jumps out from behind a bush, stark naked with peacock feathers sticking out of his bum and yells ... 'SUPPLIES!'

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