Bridal gown

A lady walks into a bridal store and starts browsing through the racks of gowns.

The clerk sees her, walks over, and says, "Good Afternoon, Ma'am. Is it you that is getting married?"

The lady smiles and replies, "Hello, and yes, it is me!"

The clerk says, "Congratulations! I will be happy to assist you in making your day special and memorable. A lady's first wedding is such a special event."

The lady answers, "Thank you, but this is my fourth wedding."

The clerk, looking concerned, states, "Ma'am, I don't wish to be rude, but you have been looking at the white bridal gowns. These are traditionally used only for first weddings, to symbolize the purity and chasteness of the virginal bride. Perhaps...."

The lady interrupts her and says, "I know all that. And despite this being my fourth marriage, I am still a virgin, and entitled to one of these lovely gowns."

The clerk looks at the lady with a disbelieving stare, and says, "Ma'am, do you expect me to believe that you have been married
three times already, and you are still a virgin?"

The customer smiles and states, "Yes, and it really is quite simple;

My first husband was a psychologist, and he just wanted to talk about it.

My second husband was a gynaecologist, and he just wanted to look at it.

My third husband was a stamp collector.... GOD, I MISS HIM!"

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