Heart attack

A man comes home early from work and hears a commotion going on in the direction of the master bedroom. He investigates and finds his wife lying naked in a tangle of sheets. She is breathing heavily and clutching her chest.

"My God, Henry," she exclaims. "Thank goodness you are home. I think I'm having a heart attack!"

Henry retreats down the hall to the phone and dials 911 for help. Just then he hears his young son coming home from school. The boy screams and runs up to his father.

"Papa," the youngster yells. "There's a naked man in the pantry!"

Henry hurries to the kitchen and throwing open the pantry door he finds his best friend crouching in the darkness.

In the stunned silence the two men's eyes meet and then Henry shouts:

"Charlie! What the hell are you doing fooling around scaring the children. My wife is upstairs having a heart attack!"

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